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We live in a global climate where jobs get transferred to countries where labour laws are not enforced, where minimum wage standards do not exist, where laws to protect the health and safety of workers are routinely ignored and where environmental concerns are swept under the rug.  As more and more corporations choose to let the free flow of capital lead their decision-making process, developed countries will begin to experience job loss; whereas those countries that are less inclined to promote and improve labour standards will, in the short-term be the beneficiaries.

Without the strength of the union movement both domestically and internationally, all workers suffer.  Capital and jobs can be more easily transferred to those areas where labour costs are cheap.  By developing policies where social justice becomes a significant demand, our union will help ensure stability both here and abroad.  Since governments are not committed to reigning in the power of corporations, it is the labour movement who must work to ensure that fair wages and better working conditions become a universal right.

The Labour movement has an important role in righting the social and economic inequaitities that impact the lives of millions of workers and people around the world. The Social Justice Fund is PSACs contribution to that struggle.  Visit the Social Justice Fund for more information on the campaigns and issues with which the Social Justice Fund is involved … and remember, an injury to one is an injury to all.

May 3, 2006

Canadian Labour Congress

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