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Politics is about choices.  Political Action is about organizing working people and giving them the tools they need so when they vote, they elect politicians and parties who are truly on their side.  It’s also about giving workers the tools they need to make sure the people who get elected continue to make better choices for working people, our families and our communities every day.

If you are interested in becoming part of the constituency teams or getting involved with Political Action in the Nation Capital Region, please contact Arthur Carkner @ 613 560-2568 or e-mail @ ncr-rcn@psac-afpc.com  or join one of the committees listed below.

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Why Should unions get involved in political activities?
The fact is government decisions, at all levels, have a direct impact on the lives of a union's members.  Members employed by federal or territorial governments are also affected by governments are also affected by government in its role as the employer.  The government of the day establishes the mandates and directions for the staff who carry out day-to-day negotiations.
Over the years, the governments have used their powers to change labour laws to suit their own purposes, and, with their emphasis on deficit reduction and downsizing, eroded the quality of public services.  Government policies such as transfers to the provinces of government services, contracting out and privatization of services and cutbacks of services and jobs have all taken their toll on employee job security, working conditions and morale.
Our work, our union, our community
While it is true that every union's goal is to improve the salaries, benefits and working conditions of its members, more and more unions have come to realize that their members' well being doesn't begin and end in the workplace.  Our members have lives and community based needs outside the union.  The cost of housing, the degradation of the environment, the livability of our cities, what's happening to our kids in the school system, childcare, accessibility of medicare and so on are issues of major concern to union members.
Political decisions at all levels affect each and everyone of us in our workplaces and in our communities.  They affect our livelihoods and our families.  Over the last two decades, most Canadians have directly experienced the connection between the pay cheque and economic politics.  Federal government policies of high interest rates, an emphasis on deficit\debt reduction, tax reform which benefited high income earners and multinational corporations and the relentless drive to make Canada competitive in a global market has had a devastating impact on working people.
These policies have meant wage freezes, roll-backs of collective agreements in the public sector, cutbacks in social programs such as childcare, medicare, education, Canada Pension Plan, Unemployment Insurance, a crusade against inflation, free trade, the erosion of legislated trade union rights, privatization of social assets and deregulation of key sectors.  It has severely affected the quality and accessibility of healthcare\medicare and education.  It has resulted in higher unemployment and underemployment, an increase in poor jobs and in the poverty of children and families.
It has become our responsibility as a union and as citizens to stand up for public services and to protest the loss of public sector jobs.
It has become politically necessary as union members to mobilize and join the fight back with the labour and the social justice movement to preserve and improve the standards and quality of our working and social lives.
Political Action Program
In order to act effectively in our political role, the Alliance has established the Political Action Strategy Committee (PSAC) as a Standing Committee of the National Board of Directors.  This national committee is responsible for planning and developing objectives, programs and campaigns for political action on union issues and campaigns with labour and social justice groups in the struggle to maintain and improve the well being of people's lives.
In order to achieve these objectives and carry out the campaigns, the Alliance has established, and financially supports, a network of Political Action Committee in most regions across the country. 
A referendum on Election Day, October 10, 2007 - YOU DECIDE!
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